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The Object of Project Sparta and project Futures is to "Make a difference" not a "moral Judgement"
in fact as a fully credentialed minister of the Gospel the fact is that Jesus himself "did not come to JUDGE" but to "SAVE" people quote:
John 3:17
"For God did not send his Son into the World to condem the World , but the World through HIM might be saved"
We all have "choices" in our Lives to do what is morally right or morally wrong, unfortunately people think that "what happens between 'consenting adults' doesn't have consequences IT DOES , but "thats YOUR CHOICE and YOUR CONSEQUENCES accordingly" ,
but CHILDREN? thats another matter altogether the CHILDREN DO NOT HAVE A CHOICE as they are under the charge of Adults and depending on who that ADULT is and their 'persuasions' morally and ethically

the Child will be subject to that 'oversight' by the Adult and thats a real concern.
In the Area of Child Abuse,Sex slavery,pedophillia,and human trafficking this is the age old result of the fundimental 'curruption of fallen man' 

as defined in the Bible (Romans 6,7,8) take the time to read these chapters a couple of hundred times and you will see the,

BATTLE of the FLESH as the apostle Paul so clearly defines it is nothing new on this Earth. 

We all have that inherent 'corrupted nature' like the "Good Wolf and the Evil Wolf' which one you feed takes over, human nature is like that , once the corruption sets in the person becomes a
"Slave of Sin" 
All of the above mentioned in the featured Poster is a great CAUSE , but as a "born again" minister of the Gospel (John 3:3) the only way to really make a CHANGE is to become born Again (John 3:3) but that is YOUR CHOICE and if your truely believe deep,deep,down inside that you can 'control' the
'Evil Wolf within' by mind-power,discipline, or playing sport or similar good luck , nobody else in the WORLD has been able to do it since TIME BEGAN !
(including me) its only under the influence and power of the Holy Spirit can we TRUELY keep the Moral Laws of God .
in the corruption of this WORLD ?
Check your history books and read your Bible its always been the BIG PROBLEM since the Fall of Adam in the Garden of Eden.
I support Project Sparta 100% , but in the same breath , I realize the TRUE WAY to TRAIN FOR CHANGE is to become Born again (john 3:3)
and "BREAK FREE" from the "EVIL WOLF INSIDE" every man and women on the planet  is subject to..
We are all a 'slave to something' (Romans 6,7,8) wheather you admit it or not ,
I choose to be a Slave to a Righteous God via Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit
(but thats my Choice )
Then Real Change will Come 


Graham Healy 
Rev.Dr. D.D.(H.C.)
Diploma Fitness 
Diploma Sports Coaching
8th dan Martial Arts Master
former Competitive Olympic weighlifter Queensland Titles 1976
under 2 times Olympian Coach and competitor Nev.perry (Rome and Mexico games)

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