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I have decided to dedicate a page to 2015 now updated 2023 as so much seems to be coming to a Head spiritually, historically, Globally
Some of the Videos are still imbedded on the VIDEO (page 1,2,3 &4) but I thought I would Group together the 2015-16 (further updated to 20232A) Focus  GH

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Home _ Sid Roth – It’s Supernatural! _
Graham Healy.jpg
Graham Healy videos 2023 back to Acts 1:8
Apostolic Council _ fit-for-christ.png
Optiona A or B Kingdoms.png
Billy the Brave Heart

Click above image to down load Prophecy

Dr William Bay and Graham Healy
Billy the Brave Heart

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Dylan, Dr William Bay and Graham Healy

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The next 7 years cycle 2023-30.png
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FAITH FB quick Version 21 June 23  (1)-Cover.jpg
0621 (2)-Cover.jpg
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Bitcoin 22 June 23-Cover.jpg
Faith realeases the ENERGY potential of the WORD of GOD.png
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0624 (1)-Cover.jpg
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Cristian Marriage and Demonic entry points -Cover.jpg
0628 (2)-Cover.jpg
Romans 8 -Cover.jpg
Baptism in The Holy Ghost -Cover.jpg
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Living Water Rev 22 (1-5).png
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Lord weighs the Spirits -Cover.jpg
Graham Healy Prayer Focus Chart.png
My Thoughts are not your thoughts  (2)-Cover.jpg
SIN is Connected to Death-Cover.jpg
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Jesus Burden is Light and EFORTLESS-Cover.jpg
Gods Timeline 7 July 23-Cover.jpg
Same Got in the OT as the NT -Cover.jpg
Mar Mari Emmanuel.png
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Balance Spirit Mind Body.png
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Ark of the Covenant.png
Curse of the Ark (1)-Cover.jpg
Truth and freedom What Is It -Cover.jpg
women with issue of blood.png
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Holy Ghost Power vs relidgeous draining.png

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