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The BLESSING of the LORD by Kenneth Copeland

THE BLESSING by Kenneth Copeland

Click Image for a copy of the "blessing" on KCM web site 
if you require the
DVD set on the Blessing Click here 
I suggest purchase of bothe DVD's and BOOK 

The 'BLESSING' by Kenneth Copeland 

I believe is the Prophetic Book for 2016 .
The Holy Spirit has been prompting me to read and re-read bro Copelands book which (by Bro Copelands own admission) is the Culmination of his almost 50 years in Global Ministry .

This Book traces the 'SEED' of Abraham (Jesus) through the whole Bible as , and in the form of the BLESSING (which is the creative power of God in Creating things including,finances,health,prosperty in (mind ,body,spirit) 
The BLESSING of the LORD is BIG! 
The Blessing of the Lord makes Rich and He adds no Sorrow with it"
Proverbs 10:22
This Book is the most important understanding of the HOW THE BLESSING WORKS and threads together the whole Bible in a completley scriptual but revelationary diamension 
that I truely believe is the 
Graham Healy 


david Barton and Kenneth Copeland Romans 13

Romans 13 discusses the Ministry of Government,Police and Army 
be 'enlightened' by this discussion and is also the

belief of 'fitforchrist ministries' 

(picture above)
Bro kennenth Copeland
preaches on Smith wigglesworth and the  raising of 17 cases of  raising people (by the Aointing of God ),from the dead in hospitals (certified and documented cases)
Bro. Copeland
  has an associate minister who knew Smith Wigglesworth personally and witnessed many of these miracles

click the image of Bro. Copeland to view video.
2015 this Anointing will return
Graham Healy

18 April 2015

Prophecies 2016

Graham Healy's profetic summery for 2016
 soon on (click the above link) page to re-enforce the above
brief statement
I believe the LORD is going to
TIE IT ALL TOGETHER in 2016 for the Body of Christ ....more coming soon 'hot off the press' GH

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