24 January 2016

Objections to the pacifist interpretation of Scripture
WAS JESUS REALLY A PACIFIST? A comprehensive study proves that He was not.

Standing by and refusing to act while harm befalls a neighbor is not a virtue; it is a vice.

John Calvin emphasized th...

24 October 2015

Previously, I have examined the issue of capital punishment from a purely secular perspective


(see links at the close of this article). Yet, since religious values and arguments so strongly shape this debate, it would be negligent to not consider the biblical side of...

4 October 2015


Question: "Does the Bible record the death of the apostles? How did each of the apostles die?"

Answer: The only apostle whose death the Bible records is James (Acts 12:2). King Herod had James “put to death with the sword,” likely a reference to beheading. The circum...

On the Moral Level

The Court’s decision violates the moral standards specifically enumerated in our founding documents. The Declaration of Independence sets forth the fundamental principles and values of American government, and the Constitution provides the specifics o...

26 June 2015

Biblically marriage is between a man & women fundamental Basics 101 .
Somebody's sexual orientation has many forms ,some claim that homosexuals are 'born like that' I beg to differ on that point (but I don't condemn) . but what i like to say is that anything that works...

10 November 2014

Bring your Friends "Cook Island Church" this Sunday 11.30am
Graham Healy Evangelist/Prophet Mob 0411393503
Tevero Teremoana mob 0431107160


10 October 2014

"Australia and New Zealand – Seven Words From God For You"

Brian Simmons, Wichita, KS

Click this Link

SPOT ON and in line with my 10 point Prophecy in some regard(GH)
see here


1. Australia will experience an immediate Holy Spirit shift that could be compared to the WI...

1 October 2014

To my Christian Followers regarding Total Biblical Health and Self-Defence Attitude and training (Michael McKeon has his own ministry and is a Trained Medical Nurse of 30+ years quote from Micheal "he will be training with me till he is 75 years old"
and he's 55 NOW th...

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Was Jesus a Compete Pacifist ? No he wasn't he was and is GOD and a returning Warrior

January 24, 2016

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