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I have decided to dedicate a page to 2015 now updated 2023 as so much seems to be coming to a Head spiritually, historically, Globally
Some of the Videos are still imbedded on the VIDEO (page 1,2,3 &4) but I thought I would Group together the 2015-16 (further updated to 20232A) Focus  GH

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Graham Healy videos 2023 back to Acts 1:8

Kent Christmas PROPHETIC WORD (EMERGENCY NOTICE) - Sudden Burials By End 2023'


John Belensky Australia Day 2024
(Part 2 EASTER 2024 prophecy )
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John Belensky Australia Day 2024
(Part 1 prophecy )
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Psychological Warefare of the darkness 27 Jan 24.png

Psychological mental warfare of Darkness

The darkness attacks the MIND and is its key entry point (to control the mind ) the
darkness can control the body and ultimately destroy the person mind, body and Spirit .
Graham Healy gives practical solutions to keeping yourself in the SPIRIT not operating out of the Fleshy (carnal mind ) (Romans 8) which is self-destructive .

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on the 5 leaks in the holy Ghost Vessel YOU
(1 Cor 10)


The FIRE OF GOD sent by the Prophets who saw into the 4th Dimension (the Spirit)
Graham Healy digs deeper into the 4th dimension (the Spirt realm)

and how the biblical prophets CALLED DOWN FIRE FROM HEAVEN

(from the 4th dimension into the physical world )

ananias and suprina died for lying - Google Search.png

Slander, Lying and murmuring ,
what's Gods Judgement on that ?

a very serious matter before the lord and the spirit of absolute TRUTH (the holy spirit).
Like holding a mirror up in front of you Bad vibes get reflected back upon you .
Graham Healy gives practical application for this seemingly minor issue however it is Deadly serious (literally) in the Eyes of a HOLY GOD.
Acts 5, Num 21:5-9, Num 12:10

rumble video 👇👇👇

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Glory of the lord 2024.jpg

The Glory of the Lord for 2024
The Glory (Isaiah 60) the pure creative force of the Lord is this radiant "Glow" of the
Spirit Man (within) Emanating from all purified believers .
(Healing , casting out the demonic, is all facilitated by the Glory (the light force) that
is emanating from the Lord and as 'born again' Christians we can 'reflect' that Glory
by being 'clothed' and 'abiding' in Christ (and his anointing) .
The demonic recognize the anointing of Jesus and healing is in this (life force).
so as you build your relationship with the Lord the (life force or Glory) builds
in energy potential to various levels .
Remember the Lord 'prayed all night' before walking on water .
In other words he 'transfigured' himself into the 4th dimension (the Spirit realm)
where the apostles 'thought he was a Ghost ' as they saw him walking on water .
There is a lot to understanding this but from a practical point of view this is how to build and reflect the Glory of the lord .
no unconfessed Sin (1 John 1:9)

Pray in tongues 2-4 hrs per day = communicating with the lord (spirit to spirit) and recharging your spirit (electrical potential builds)
read listen to the Word (faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God ) Rom 10:17 (Faith is strengthened)
Base yourself in a 'spirit filled ' church (for the corporate anointing and flow on ) .


Isaiah 10:27 "Yoke destroyed because of the Anointing oil"

how do you lift the burdens of life and operate in the anointing ?
the centre of the will of the Lord is PERFECT PEACE ! when your connected to the heart of the Lord you see his perspective , you have his peace, you can operate in the resurrection power of Christ in the 4th dimension of the spirit.
Graham Healy gives you PRACTICAL methods to achieve this level of anointing, praying in tongues is one of the "keys' and reading the WORD is another 'key' and then listening to the direction of the Holy Spirit 24/7 enables the TEFLON ARMOUR OF GOD to surround you .
Learn the practical way to 'keep in perfect peace' and operated on the Anointing POWER of God in practical terms .



Do unto others Matthew 7:12

Graham Healy looks at the deeper meaning of the law of reciprocity The Golden Rule and how do you blend the "golden rule' with criminal activity , assault Robbery etc
You need a police force, a judicial system and the Army and a righteous government , otherwise there would be complete Chaos , as not everybody will 'do unto others' or love your neighbour'. in a 'ideal world' if everybody "loved their neighbour" there would be no crime ,murder etc in reality there is a justice system put in place by God (Rom 13) the 'do unto other' golden rule is so that you do not take matter into your own hands , but let God and the judicial system / police handle the situation , and you never know the criminal my be saved in jail (many are saved in Jail) when they realize the consequences of sin.

Glory of the Lord Prophecy 16 dec 23.jpg

1) Judgements of nations
2) Judgement of the Church
3)Re sovereignty of Nations
4)Glory of the Lord Descends
5)2030 to 2030 (7 year cycle of God)
6)2030 to 2037 (Global Famine)
2024 the greatest revival of our lifetimes thousands times greater then Billy Graham Crusades , stadiums all over the world will be filled starting in Australia

Is the Lord the Ultimate Time Lord _.png

Is the Lord the Ultimate Time Lord ?

Find out the KEYS to the TARDIS (Time and Relative Dimensions in Space )
how praying in tongues is the 'keys' to the 4th dimension (where the Lord operates from and creates stuff to translate from the 4th dimension into the 3rd dimension.
In other words the SPIRIT realm is the CREATIVE realm where the Lord speaks the word and it by FAITH is CREATED .
If you want to 'see into the future' and 'see strategies of the 'dark side' before they happen then learn to 'tap into' the Spirit realm that Time and space is eternal .
Use the KEYS to be able to 'SEE INTO THE SPIRIT' and discover your timeline (according to the Lord himself) and to be able to foil all attempts of the 'dark side' to attack you .
Learn how to develop the TEFLON ARMOUR of the LORD .
Graham Healy

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