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Testamony of Student Micheal McKeon 55years old Medicaly trained re Long term Health

To my Christian Followers regarding Total Biblical Health and Self-Defence Attitude and training (Michael McKeon has his own ministry and is a Trained Medical Nurse of 30+ years quote from Micheal "he will be training with me till he is 75 years old" and he's 55 NOW this is what keep me motivated Loyalty, NO EGO, and MATE-SHIP. Graham Healy 8th dan Martial Arts Evangelist-Prophet Doctor of Divinity (H.C.) Testimony re Health from my student and friend Michael McKeon

"Physical Health for the Kingdom of God Human beings are a tripartite being, made up of spirit, soul and body. When we are in space we need a space suit and while we are here on earth we need an earth suit, our body. The body is the temple that our spirit inhabits. I am a registered nurse by trade and have worked in health and education most of my life. I’m now over 55 and enjoy good health and am not on any regular medication. I have trained in self-defence with Graham for over four years.

• When someone gives God the credit for their health and fitness it is a witness to what God has done for them and what He can do for others as well.

• Everyone has the right to defend themselves. Psalm 144:1 “Blessed be the Lord my Rock, who trains my hands for war,”

• You body is meant to exercise consistently to stay healthy. Exercise is not optional if you are going to be healthy all through your life. When you train with Graham you will build and maintain muscle and core strength, bone density, co-ordination, joint function and sharpened reflexes. Repetition of training drills increases aerobic fitness.

• We should grow in wisdom as to what promotes good health, through nutrition and movement based on good body alignment.

• Self-defence taught in a culture that promotes safety results in much fewer injuries than contact sports such as football.

• A wrong spiritual outlook and thinking will rob a person of the level of health and fitness and even length of life that God intends for them but an approach to health and self-defence influenced by the Bible will increase a person’s quality and length of life.

• What if the Lord calls on you to defend someone else, are you ready? Train for life and give God the glory Michael McKeon"

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