Was Jesus a Compete Pacifist ? No he wasn't he was and is GOD and a returning Warrior

Objections to the pacifist interpretation of Scripture WAS JESUS REALLY A PACIFIST? A comprehensive study proves that He was not.

Standing by and refusing to act while harm befalls a neighbor is not a virtue; it is a vice.

John Calvin emphasized that a Christian soldier should never use force to gain self-advantage, but “use force out of love for thy neighbor.” Standing by and refusing to act while harm befalls a neighbor is not a virtue; it is a vice.

As someone else has said, “War can be a means to a just peace, and to break an unjust peace.”

Jesus was not a pacifist, nor was He a hawk. It is interesting that Jesus makes everyone uncomfortable, because He can never be put in anybody’s box. He said blessed are the peacemakers. Jesus wasn’t a hawk. He wasn’t a pacifist. He wasn’t a Republican. He wasn’t a Democrat. He wasn’t an American. He wasn’t an Iraqi. He transcends all categories. REFERENCE (CLICK HERE) Foot Note By Graham Healy "As a Self-defense Instructor and the teacher of prison wardens, police and some Military as well as the public, I have had a 'Battle' with christians who take the completely Pacifist point of view , and that is exactly what is is a 'POINT OF VIEW' it is not based on the whole council of the Scriptures , which in the above article it clearly points out that The LORD JESUS was not a pacifist in the complete sense of the word and there are the scriptures that back this up (the horse whipping of the merchants out of the temple a clear example) John 2:14 continued click link below " Full Article Footnote by Graham Healy Click Here

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