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Biblically marriage is between a man & women fundamental Basics 101 . Somebody's sexual orientation has many forms ,some claim that homosexuals are 'born like that' I beg to differ on that point (but I don't condemn) . but what i like to say is that anything that works on the destruction of the fundamental building block of society ie Mum and Dad = a family is destined for implosion itself on many fronts,morally and ethically. If the greater wisdom of man of the 2015 generation determines right is wrong and wrong is right ARE YOU GOING TO BELIEVE IT ? I WILL NOT ! and EXPRESS MY VIEW ON THIS MATTER HERE TODAY ! God himself is LOVE (1John7-8) now do not confuse LOVE with LUST please ! Pure LOVE will BURN UP ALL SIN anywhere NEAR IT as will the TRUTH SET YOU FREE.Jesus himself came into the World to SAVE IT ...NOT CONDEMN IT " John 3:17-18 . SPIRITS are Attached to people either the Holy Spirit or Dominic Spirits (some people are unaware of this) for example pedophiles have a 'spirit attached to them' as do murderers etc WE ARE NOT DEALING WITH THE PERSON ...BUT THE SPIRIT ATTACHED . (other spirits are religious spirits rife in churches ie the spirit of control etc ,etc ) OUR JOB AS A CHRISTIAN IS TO LOVE PEOPLE (ALL PEOPLE) BUT AT THE SAME TIME PRAY FOR THEM TO RECEIVE JESUS and THEREFORE ETERNAL LIFE and SAVE THEIR SOUL. We either live in the DARKNESS or THE LIGHT and unfortunately you can't LIVE IN BOTH WORLDS one is DESTRUCTIVE one IS EDIFYING .....figure out yourself which is which ....your smart enough aren't you ?

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