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10 point Prophecy for Australia By Graham Healy

Written July 2012 by Graham Healy

(note some of the dates might be slightly out, but what happens will happen, some of the timing is hard to predict exactly, as you have to remember one day in the Lord is 1,000 years so there is a 'different perspective' of 'TIME' in the prophetic realm, so 1 hour is 41.66 years ,1 minute in the Lords timing 8.33 months and 1 sec= 4.166 days, so its an understatement when looking at the Lords timing (which is perfect) but ,estimating that 'exact occurrence time on earth' is the hard part ) :) GH

But , in saying that sometimes you get a NOW urgency , however, most impressions are of future events on a 'video like pre-recorded spiritual tape or scroll. (Prophecy is a progressive scroll) GH


1) The Labour Government will federally dissolve at end of may 2012

(This actually happened May 2013)

2)The Labour Party will never be reformed as it is Today

(This statement was made on July 2012 , labour is now reforming as of July 2013)

3)The Liberals will struggle and they will create a mandate to Govern just like Queensland.

When the European (GFC part 2) hits , the Liberals will have trouble delivering their policies.

This will result in a restructure of Government and a NEW POLITICAL SYSTEM

(This new political system in Australia will be like a Senate or Senators with territories , the two party political system as we know it will dissolve , and be redundant , we will just have a kind of Senate and Local councils , the middle tier of Government (the two party system) will no longer be required.

4)Another GFC will peak in 2013

5)GFC part 2 will happen around 15 April 2013 , or at least be the start of the Currency Collapse Globally

6) There will be a rising up of the Senate (refer (3)) .The Senators will control territories

7)When the GFC hits there will be a complete meltdown of the business sector and the tax system will be redesigned withing 3 years from 2013 to 2016-17

8)The Outback of Australia will be converted to farmland by Israeli Farmers

9)The Regeneration of Farming in Australia will feed Asia

10)Mr Twiggy Forrest of Fortescue Metals will be the founder of Australia's bank that will give non-intrest loans to small and medium business by May 30th 2013 (or 1% very low interest)

(This is the only way to re-generate and support the backbone of the country i.e. small to medium business)

Note: the time as explained above may be slightly out due to the reasons explained in the opening paragraph, however, the PRINCIPAL Predictions will come to pass .GH

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