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YOU WILL REAP what you have Sown in 2013 in 2014

Several People have asked my what will happen in 2014 ? and Since I carry the mantle of the 'Profit' and am a 'seer' of future Events I give this advise to my face book friends , and also the 'others' who 'say whats Healy on about again' I'll make it brief , copy this text and keep it in your dairy and 'tick it off' as the events occur. (Disclaimer the month , is usually 'spot on' but sometime the actual timing of the 'year' is hard to predict , the reason for this is that the 'spiritual' realm 'the 'kingdom of light' moves at the speed of light 186,000 mph so 'events' I 'see' are 'windows' of time moving at that speed , and one day in the Lord is 1,000 years so that means 20 years earth time is 30 minutes in God's time (above the light line) , now you got that straight . O yeah , just for the skeptics I saw the Brisbane floods one month before they happened (in a dream) (and warned everybody accordingly) in writing via email. Here goes 2014. The Fool makes new years resolutions , Why , because whatever you believe, there is one UNIVERSAL Principle of God that applies in all time and space and that is the principle of sow and reap. Those who over 2013 have 'sown BAD SEED' will accordingly 'reap BAD HARVESTS' in 2014 , those who have sown 'Good seed' will reap a 'GOOD HARVEST' . Now here is the Spiritual version locally and Globally. 1)QE quantitative easing (in other-words printing money) and bailing out bankrupt banks and Global companies , this has continued since 2007 ALL this MONEY has filtered into the hands of the ELITE RICH the top 1% and NONE of these funds have trickled down to small business and the economy. Result of seed sown: GLOBAL CURRENCY CRASH APRIL 2014 this includes STOCK MARKET CRASH and HOUSE VALUATION ASSET CRASH commonly call a 'deep recession'. 2)THE BABYLONIAN SYSTEM of DEBT and the RESULTANT SLAVERY is FINISHED 'Enough' is 'Enough' Gods hand has moved on this already and the WHOLE GLOBAL SYSTEM will be INVERTED or TURNED OVER. Result of seed sown: TRANSFER OF WEALTH FROM THE CORRUPT RICH TO THE RIGHTEOUS POOR 3)AUSTRALIA As a result of the above 'currency crash' the shock wave will hit our economy like a Tsunami (as it will the whole globe) and the current system of 'Debt and Slavery' will CRASH and IMPLODE. Result of seed sown: Cancellation of ALL DEBT (the Debt Jubilee) just as you would do with a bankrupt company that is insolvent ...not throw more money at it . Abbot and the Liberals will HAVE NO ANSWERS A COMPLETE STOP RESET of Australian Politics is Looming as a result of the above. Result of seed sown: Neither Labour or Liberals have any answers except SPEND DEBT MONEY or BORROW MORE DEBT MONEY the net result is MORE DEBT SLAVERY and TAXES for all concerned . SENATORS will rise up out of the Confusion and be elected to run territories , we will see the OLD TWO PARTY SYSTEM IN AUSTRALIA DISSOLVE and be replaced by a Senatorial System of True REPRESENTATION of the People and territories of Australia 4)AUSTRALIA will become the FRUIT & VEGETABLE BASKET for South East Asia , DISCOVERY OF HUGE NATURAL RESOURCES will occur 5)DESERT LAND WILL BE CONVERTED TO FARM LAND by Israeli Scientists in the AUSTRALIAN OUTBACK a WATER SYSTEM WILL BE DEVELOPED from Darwin to south Australia . 6) SOUTH AUSTRALIA Huge OIL and GAS DEPOSITS DISCOVERED in DESERT AREAS 7)QUEENSLAND Regeneration of the SUGAR CANE INDUSTRY with ETHANOL GREATER THEN ITS FORMER GLORY the Smell of sugar cane crushing plants in FULL OPERATION again. 7)TOYOTA will partner with AUSTRALIA and establish the BIGGEST manufacturing plant in the WORLD right here in Australia , the Japanese will become a major partner with Australia for South east Asia , part of the deal with Toyota will be a trade off for Food, farmland and Rice fields (in Queensland) to supply Japan with a reliable food chain , JAPANESE will call Australia their 'second home' and be welcomed as our bonds of friendship strengthen. FINALLY there will be a RISING UP of AUSTRALIAN CHRISTIAN BUSINESSMEN to RECLAIM LOST TERRITORY for AUSTRALIA and act in the best interests of the COUNTRY and the People instead of the Corruption of of the current political system of 'non' producers and 'non achievers' . DEBT WILL BE WIPED CLEAN off the SLATE and a COMPLETE SYSTEMIC RE-START ALSO Twiggy Andrew Forrest of Fortescue Metals Will form Australia's first Interest FREE BANK(or very low 1% interest) to KICK START the SMALL BUSINESS COMMUNITY in the middle of the Crisis. THATS IT FOLKS ......THIS YEAR IS A YEAR OF DRAMATIC CHANGE and INVERSION and TRANSFER OF WEALTH out of the hands of the CORRUPT and EVIL PEOPLE. THE CHANGES ARE IRREVERSIBLE THE JUSTICE PENDULUM IS SWINING BACK NOW IN THE OTHER DIRECTION Graham Healy Fit for Christ Ministries

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